Prosciutto is one of the world’s favourite and best-known Italian delicacies. The history of this cured ham stretches back to pre-Roman times. In northern Italy, in San Daniele, it was the Celtic people who first began curing meat with salt, and in Parma like many modern day delicacies, it was considered a peasant food. The traditional process of curing is still practiced like an art form in both of these cities and results in the delicious prosciutto that, when thinly sliced, simply melts in your mouth and while you’re at it, wrap it in a piece of pecorino cheese pair it with a glass of red wine and fall in love!


Thanks to its versatility, there is a special order option for the Fhiaba Wine Cellar to be used to
store cured meat and cheese, enabling combinations of use among them – wine with cured meat,
wine with cheese, cured meat with cheese – via two differentiated climate-controlled areas and kits
of accessories created for the optimum division of zones and correct display of products.

  • Fhiaba Set of Knives

    The Fhiaba Prosciutteria Kit is a refined combination of aesthetic, practical and professional-use set of tailor-made knives. Delicate storage of hand and cold meats should always be completed by a perfect slicing technique obtained via these beautiful Italian made knives crafted with stainless steel blades and wooden handles.

  • Fhiaba Cheese Set

    The storage of cheese is particularly delicate and requires a precise climatic balance. A correct humidity balance prevents products from drying out and a specific ad-hoc temperature will avoid cheese fermentation while preserving its organoleptic qualities – flavour, smell and texture. As a special order option the two climate zones of the Fhiaba Wine Cellar enable it to be converted into a cheese cabinet: the lower part is ideal for soft cheeses, and the upper part for harder cheeses.