Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

A great wine has to be stored in a special environment. The Fhiaba cellars have been
designed to store fine wines under ideal conditions. Fhiaba knows as well as anyone the four
enemies of wine: temperature, humidity, light and vibrations. Significant attention is paid to
creating appliances that protect wine from each of these elements.

  • The Riserva Storage

    All the technical and aesthetic features of our refrigeration appliances remain unchanged in our cellars. The Riserva storage compartment gives the option of modifying the humidity level as well as the storage temperature, to ensure the right environment for ageing.

  • Friulian Crafted Shelves

    Crafted from the timber forests in Friuli, a village near the Veneto region, these shelves are made from high quality natural beechwood and are made by local Friulian craftsmen exclusively for Fhiaba. The angle of the shelves has been designed to improve the display of the labels, to make use of every inch of space of the Wine Cellar and to reserve the wine in the best way possible, including once the bottles have been opened